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Fri 27 Feb – Sun 1 Mar 2015
Institut français, London
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Student Presentations

Come and listen to the Gombrichs and Beltings of tomorrow! Eight students from France and the UK have been selected through a special call for papers on the theme: ‘France & the UK: Artworks in Dialogue’, for which they were invited to draw out, explore and analyze echos between two works of art, one by a French artist and the other by a British artist.

Join us to hear the authors of the eight best papers present the inspired and thought-provoking pairings they have chosen, revealing unexpected aspects of the differences and similarities between French and British culture.

Student presentations will be opened by a special talk on ‘Theory and practice of art in France and Britain in the long-18th century’ by Adriano Aymonino and Jonathan Yarker.

With sincere thanks to the members of the jury: Catherine Robert (Higher Education Attachée for the United Kingdom), Neville Rowley ((Ecole du Louvre & Wissenschaflicher Mitarbeiter, Bode–Museum) and John-Paul Stonard (art historian).

Defining Civilisations

From Ancient Egypt and the Middle East to Rome, Greece, Europe and the so-called ‘barbarians’, discover what makes a civilisation and how art has been used to define and redefine civilisations across time.

Avant-Gardes & Precursors

Explore the work of art’s great precursors and debate what makes an artist or an artwork ‘avant-garde’, from the Paris of Sonia Delaunay, Francis Picabia and Marcel Duchamp to St Ives in the days of Ben Nicholson and Barbara Hepworth.

Preserving & Restoring

Discover how the preservation and restoration of artworks affect art history, from the challenges faced by museums in Italy, France and the UK to first-hand accounts by restorers of masterpieces as diverse as Marie-Antoinette’s treasures and Tate Modern’s recently vandalised Rothko painting.


The festival will open with a discussion of one of the most central themes in art history: the definition and evolution of the artistic canon.

Friday 27 February
Saturday 28 February
Sunday 1 March